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Welcome to the Porsche Club of America ………….Zone 4

“It’s not just the cars, it’s the people!”

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Greetings PCA Zone 4 Members,

After having been a fixture as Region President for several years, last year I decided that I was going to run for a National position and chose not to return as President for 2014. For the past several months, I was approached by and met with a number of other car clubs over dinner and drinks. These clubs asked me to become their president and to lead their organizations. As a matter of fact, I was asked again just the other day. While I have a deep respect for these other car marques, the primary reason I have chosen to continue to serve PCA just happens to also be PCA’s motto, “It’s not just the cars, It’s the people!” Without question, I can honestly tell you that I have found this to be resoundingly true. Throughout my travels to PCA events within the zone, as well as across the country, I have met and gotten to know so many amazing individuals many of whom I am proud to call my friends. I urge you to get out and participate in your regions' events in order to share and enjoy this PCA camaraderie. In addition, I strongly encourage you to attend other regions' events within our zone and develop new friendships and bonds.

All of your region officers and chairpersons are hard at work scheduling an abundance of activities. Be sure to check your local region’s website and newsletter for the latest details on the many events close to you that are being planned. Also, consider attending other region’s events, such as those listed below.

I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you at these upcoming events. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at:


Upcoming Events

Zone 4 Presidents Welcome Dinner
Friday, March 21,2014 at Forrester's On The River 26 Main Street Toledo, OH see the MVR Website for details.

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Zone 4 Regional Event Calendar






Zone 4 President's Meeting Maumee Bay State Lodge Oregon, OH

March 22, 2014

MVR Host


The 59th Annual Porsche Parade
Montery, CA

June 14-21, 2014

PCA National

Parade is the “big” Porsche Club event of the year: our annual national convention.