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Greetings Zone 4 Members,

  The 60th Porsche Parade was held in nearby French Lick, IN from June 21 – 27.  This year’s Parade offered a very special 60 4 60 display containing 1 car from every year since PCA’s inception in 1955.  There was also a museum commemorating many milestones in PCA’s rich history. 

I arrived on Friday, June 19, to attend a number of meetings scheduled through Sunday evening and had additional meetings throughout the week.  At one point on Sunday, I was actually supposed to be in 3 places at the same time.

I was, however, able to find some time outside of the meeting rooms, and on Monday served as a Concours Judge for the second year in a row.  This year’s Concours contained around 300 cars, and many of the newly trained participants from the recently held of the Zone 4 National Concours Judges School helped to make this Concours a success.  At the Concours Banquet, Mike Robbins, the first Zone 4 Representative, was recognized for attending his 57th Parade.

I even entered one of the many competitive events and brought home a first place trophy.  On Wednesday, I had a great time on the Bourbon Bus Tour with a number of Zone 4 members. After placing in last year’s Gimmick Rally, I was looking forward to this year’s.  Instead, we spent a majority of Thursday focusing our attention on all of the preparations and making sure everything was in order for the zone party.

For the past year, I have been working closely with the executives from French Lick Resort, and they have travelled with me throughout the zone attending a number of events.  As many of you have heard, French Lick Resort CFO Rob Santa and I made a bet last year at the Zone 4 Party in Monterey, CA.  To personally thank me for all of the hard work and assistance that I provided to them, and for the overwhelming support that Zone 4 has shown them in preparation for this year’s Parade, they agreed to honor the bet.  Last summer I also held a meeting at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with the management of Tom Wood Porsche, and they graciously agreed to provide sponsorship for the party as well. Approximately 600 Zone 4 members attended Parade this year, to put that into perspective, the total number of attendees was around 2000. 

French Lick Resort generously hosted the Zone 4 party that was held in the exclusive Pete Dye Pavilion, which provided some outstanding views of the area.  Attendees were entertained by a band and were treated to an open bar, carving stations with prime beef tenderloin and roasted turkey breast, a huge fresh fruit display, imported and domestic cheese display, vegetable crudité shooters, bruschetta, mashed potato bar, and mini desserts.  In addition, everyone went home with a goodie bag.

In January, I announced that to encourage attendance at Parade, I was holding a contest and would be presenting an award during the Zone 4 party to the region that had the greatest attendance at Parade.  Congratulations to the Central Indiana Region for winning this award. 
Be sure to check your local region’s website and newsletter, as well as the Zone 4 website   for the latest details on the many events close to you that are being planned.   See the Event Calendar below.

I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you at these upcoming events. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at:


Aug 7-9 - SEM Region DE and Club Race

Aug 15 - Motor-Stadt Region A & W Ice Cream Run

Aug 21Mid-Ohio Region Advanced HPDE

Aug 30 - Michiana Region IROC III & Art in Motion

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Zone 4 Regional Event Calendar 2015





Red Barn Spectacular

at the Gilmore Car Museum

Sat, Aug 1 Western Michigan Region


at Grattan Raceway

Sat-Sun,Aug 1-2

Maumee Valley Region

DE and Club Race

at Gingerman Raceway

Fri-Sun, Aug 7-9

Southestern Michigan Region

DE and Autocross

at Pitt Race

Sat-Sun, Aug 8-9 Allegany Region

A & W Ice Cream Run

Sat, Aug 15

Motor-Stadt Region

6th Annual Irish Hills Beach Run

Sat, Aug 15

Rally Sport Region

John Dixon Tribute Car Show

at Taj Ma Garage

Sat, Aug 15 Ohio Valley

Mystery Drive

by Rob and Judy Fike's
Sat, Aug 15 Central Indiana


at Lakeland Community College

Sun, Aug 16Northern Ohio

Advanced HPDE

at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Fri-Sun, Aug 21-23

Mid-Ohio Region

Bridges and Barrels Drive

Sat-Sun, Aug 22-23 

Eastern Buckeye Region


and Art In Motion

Sun, Aug. 30

Michiana Region