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Greetings Zone 4 Members,

The summer months offer Zone 4 members a variety of opportunities for enjoying their cars as well as fellowship and camaraderie.

  I was recently able to attend a unique event that fabulously combined both of these aspects and made for a wonderful day.  The event was Southeast Michigan Region’s Progressive Dinner.  On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, a large group of us met at a member’s lakeside home for appetizers.
  After a safety meeting, we were given directions to the next stop.  We took a 45 minute drive through some winding twisty roads before arriving at the 2nd stop where our entrée was being served.  We all enjoyed the delicious catered food along with lively conversation.  Many members sat outside by the pool, while others strolled through the beautifully manicured gardens.
  After another meeting, we were given directions to the next stop where dessert was being served.  Upon arrival we were greeted by the owner’s 911 turbo in graphite blue metallic, his orange GT3 RS and his Guards Red GT4, plus another exotic car lining the driveway.  It was a fantastic evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with a wonderful group of people.

In addition to driving tours and DEs, many regions host autocross events.  Michiana, Eastern Buckeye, and Mid Ohio Regions host autocross events nearly every month through September or October.  Autocross is a great way to test and sharpen your driving skills for a very nominal fee, and it gives you a wonderful opportunity for a day socializing with other PCA members.
  There are also a number of car show events coming up including the Red Barn Spectacular at the Gilmore Auto Museum, Red Brick Reunion in Oxford, Carmel Artomobilia, and Rallye Porsche Milford in Southern OH.  

 As we continue to enjoy our very busy driving season, there are a number of wonderful events being offered throughout the zone.  As region calendars firm up and events continue to be added, please remember to check your inboxes, region’s newsletter and website  for the most up to date information about events available to you.  Please continue to check the master calendar on the events page, as well as your local region’s website and newsletter for the latest details on the many events close to you that are being planned.  Also, consider attending other regions’ events listed below.

Zone Rep Michael Soriano

Aug 12 Michiana Autocross at Tire Rack

Aug 19 - NOR Annual Rib Burn-Off

Aug 20 SEM Picnic & Concourse

Aug 26 CIR Artomobilia Car Show

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Zone 4 Regional Event Calendar
Events Date Affiliation Link
Club Meeting
at Karl's Cabin
Tues Aug 1Rally Sport Regionrsp.pca.org
at Pitt Race
Aug 4-6
Allegehny Regionarpca.org
Red Barn Spectacular
at The Gilmore Car Museum
Sat Aug 5Western Michigan Regionwmi.pca.org
Instructed HPDE
at the Indfianapolis Motor Speedway
Aug 11-13
Mid-Ohio Regionmorpca.org
Tour to FindleySat Aug 12Maumee Valley Regionmm.pca.org
at Tire Rack
Sat Aug 12Michiana Regionmichianapca.org
Switzerland County TourSat Aug 12Ohio Valley Region


at Kent Trumbell
Sun Aug 13Eastern Buckeye Regionebrpca.org
Annual Rib Burn-OffSat Aug 19Northern Ohio Regionnorpca.org
Annual Family Picnic
and Concourse
Sun Aug 20Southeastern Michigan Regionsempca.org
Carmel Artomobilia Charity Car ShowSat Aug 26Central Indiana Regioncirpca.org
Gimmick Ralley:
Getting to know Clinton and Gratiot County
Sat Aug 26Motor-Stadtmst.pca.org

It's not just the cars, it's the people!