Hello and Welcome to Zone 4!

Dave Stetson
Photo by Larry Clarino

Spanning across five states in the Central Midwest, Zone 4 has a diverse landscape and an equally diverse range of fun and exciting events to offer the Porsche enthusiast. Whether it is a spirited drive on a two-lane blacktop road through the woods, or a car show displaying some magnificent examples of Porsche’s finest, or maybe testing your skills on one of the many challenging race tracks throughout the Zone, Zone 4 has something for everybody.

Throughout the year, every Region in the Zone will host a variety of events and as a member of the PCA, you are welcome to participate in all of them! By clicking on the calendar tab, you can see what the each of 14 Regions within Zone 4 have planned. On this site you will also find links to the Region web sites, so you can learn more about the events and the Region itself. You will also find a link to the PCA National web site that connects you to Regions across North America along with everything you need to know about the many PCA programs and membership information.

A consistent theme throughout is the PCA is the tag line, “It’s not about the cars, its about the people.” That couldn’t be more true. Yes, we love the cars and the passion that comes with owning and driving a Porsche, but it is the people you meet, from all walks of life, that will keep you coming back.

Welcome again to Zone 4 and I hope you enjoy a wonderful PCA experience wherever you go.

I’ll see you around the Zone!

Chip Henderson

Zone 4 Representative

For any questions, suggestions or comments please send me a message on the Contact Us page.

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